Our website: www.outofethiopia.com is currently down.  Until its restoration, we will use our old blog for updates.  Please click on recent updates to the right if you would like to check on us. To ensure that this site is safe, we have password protected this page with our daughter’s name. The password is simply her name.

Welcome! We are so glad you have come to visit us! We hope that you will find plenty of information on our adoption from Ethiopia and on our brave daughter’s journey.  Feel free to leave us a comment, and please check back for updates.


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keely’s thoughts on adoption

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Welcome, everyone! I have composed some thoughts on our adoption process, so that our family and friends can celebrate with us. I know there are a lot of questions that people have, so we hope this site will explain our thoughts behind this adoption decision.  

As to why adoption and why international:
1. I have been blessed in my life to have seen from a very early age what international adoption looks like. I was there the day Chelsea Hadaway came home from Korea, and that made an enormous impression on me from a very young age. I saw what a beautiful process that was for Pam—and what an emotionally taxing one as well, since their first baby Nicole died in Korea before she could come to the states. I would later watch Colin come home from Korea and see what a delightful spirit God had given him. This inclined my heart even more toward international adoption.

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